Replacement Control Board for HK42FZ0-xx Equipped Furnaces

Your furnace control board is perhaps the most important electrical part in your entire furnace. As the name implies, this module is the control (or brain) for the rest of the individual components of your furnace.

As you can imagine, if this part fails then none of the furnace will be operational, leaving you in a bad situation with no heating or cooling (no blower.) Our handy furnace control board troubleshooting guide can help you to determine if your control board is the issue.

This guide will help you find a replacement control board for your Carrier or Payne furnace that uses the following control modules:

HK42FZ004, HK42FZ007, HK42FZ008, HK42FZ009, HK42FZ011, HK42FZ013, HK42FZ016, HK42FZ034, HK42fz0132306, or any other boards in the HK42FZ0-xx series.

Bryant or Carrier board model CEPL130438-01, 383kav0480901agja

You will find this control board in the following furnace models:

Bryant Models: 359MA-F, 340MAV, 376CE, 350MG
Carrier Models: 58MX0-5, 58MCA0-658ZAV, 58MX6, 58MCB

Honeywell Model 58rav070—16112

The best option for a cost efficient replacement control board for these furnaces (that can save you hundreds or even thousands over a technician visit) is the ICM Controls ICM282A control board. This aftermarket replacement addresses all the original specifications that your factory supplied board has, while being a fairly simple and totally reliable replacement.

The best price and place to buy this board is here:

ICM Controls ICM282A OEM Replacement, Carrier HK42FZ004, HK42FZ007, HK42FZ008, HK42FZ009, HK42FZ011, HK42FZ013, HK42FZ016 and HK42FZ0-xx Series Furnace Control Board Module

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  • Controls gas valve, ignitor, blower motor, inducer, humidifier and air cleaner
  • Software for enhanced controls operation in counterflow and downflow furnace applications
  • Designed for 100% gas shutoff in case of ignition failure
  • Twinning compatible with another ICM282A control
  • Replaces Carrier: HK42FZ004, HK42FZ007, HK42FZ008, HK42FZ009, HK42FZ011, HK42FZ013, HK42FZ016

You can find all the installation information you need here. This includes wiring diagrams, fault code labels and manufacturer installation instructions.

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