GE Gentec X-13 ECM 1/2HP Blower Motor Replacement

If your blower is no longer working, save yourself hundreds if not thousands by replacing it yourself. Replacing a blower motor is one of the easiest DIY jobs on your HVAC system, and this is even more true with a plug and play ECM type motor.

Oftentimes, the only hard part is getting the rusted shaft of the old motor out of the fan, which is where a puller tool comes in very handy. Sometimes you will need to replace the squirrel cage if the shaft is completely frozen.

These type of ECM blower motors were used in the following furnace models:

Arcoaire FEM2X4200A

American Standard & Trane MOT13004 , MOT-13004 , MOT12542 MOT12888 , MOT12319 , MOT-12888 , MOT12292

Carrier / ICP S81-948, 1172987 , 1173682, HD44AE137 , HD44AE137A , HD44AE138 , 5SME39HXL298 , 5SME39HKL017 , 5SME39HXL285

On the sticker of your old motor you will probably find one of the following model numbers:

5sme39hxl018 / hd44re138

Azure Digi-Motor # 10800

The physical specs of this motor are:

48 Frame , 5-5/8″ Diameter , 1/2″ Shaft, 1/2 Horsepower , 208-230 Volt

Best replacement for 1/2 HP X-13 motor

GE • Genteq Evergreen 1/2 HP 230 Volt Replacement X-13 Furnace Blower Motor

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as of June 12, 2024 4:18 am


  • 1/2 Horsepower , 208-230 VOLT , Universal X13 Replacement Motor
  • Reversible Rotation with Auto Sensing Technology
  • 48 Frame , 5-5/8" Diameter , 1/2" Shaft
  • UL and CSA recognized

Evergreen EM X-13 Direct Replacement Motors...No programming required Designed to replace ALL X13 Style Constant torque ECM Motors. 5 discreet speeds available using 24VAC (3 using 18VDC) , always energized providing the ability to adjust airflow for faulty duct systems and designs. Fully encapsulated, one-piece design offers lower profile and easy installation. Bi-directional CW and CCW with rotation sensing technology.

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