GE Gentec 5kcp39kg Furnace Blower Motors

So, you’ve pulled apart your furnace to fix a bad blower motor and you find the ubiquitous GE 5KCP39 motor mounted in the fan shroud, having given up the ghost and the last of it’s rotating energy trying to keep you comfortable.

Time for a replacement, so you search the model number to try and find a compatible replacement to your GE motor. Unfortunately GE no longer produces these motors, instead you will find that Genteq is the new go-to manufacturer of fractional horsepower single phase HVAC motors.

Genteq is of course owned by RBC (Regal Beloit Corporation) who also owns Marathon, Fasco, Century, Leeson, among many other motor brands. These motors are most commonly found in American Standard, SFC, and Trane HVAC systems, among others.

The truth is, the brand doesn’t matter as far as fitment goes. It’s fairly simple to break down the serial numbers on your original motor in order to match it up to find a suitable replacement.

How to find a replacement HVAC motor

It’s a pretty simple task to break down the numbers on your current motor’s label and match it up with a new one, once you know what they mean.

Starting with the first number (5) in 5KCP39, this number simply means that the device you are looking at is a rotating motor. The next three characters (KCP) just shows that the motor is a permanent split capacitor type. After that, the (39) in 5KCP39 means that your motor is a “48 frame” which just indicates the type of frame stand that the motor is mounted in. The two most common frame types are 48 or 56.

48 really is just a standard for electric motors, as defined by NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association.) This standard means you will find the same size motor to replace your current one. 48 frame motors have a 5-1/2″ diameter body and a 1/2″ diameter shaft. This size standardization is the same, no matter if your motor is a Genteq, Century, Marathon, Fasco, Emerson or any other brand.

5KCP39KGT785S - GE Genteq OEM Replacement Furnace Blower Motor 1/2 HP

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  • This is a Brand New OEM Replacement Furnace Blower Motor
  • Top Qualty OEM Replacement Part!
  • 1/2 HP

These GE 5KCP39 PSC motors are designed for use as direct drive furnace blower motors. Choose from three-speed or two-speed, standard efficiency models. All are electrically reversible and include 21/4 inch resilient rings for base mounting. Four (4) split rings included if 21/2 inch diameter is required. Bases are sold separately. features: • all angle sleeve bearings • 3 speed and 2-speed models • 1/2 inch extended thru bolts on 3-speed models • 21/4 inch resilient rings plus 4 split rings • reversible rotation • 4 inch long, 1/2 inch diameter shaft • for accessories see pages M-112 to M-114 specifications: • single phase, 60 Hertz • overload protection • fan duty, continuous, air over • open construction • 26 inch leads • Class B insulation

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    1. That’s the thrust washer. It sits in the right place on the shaft by a clip in a groove. You might be able to make a spacer from pipe or something to keep it from pushing the fan against the housing. Since the motor aligns to magnetic center when its running, it should rarely thrust anyway so shouldn’t grind at what you use.

      1. The motor I’m trying to replace is a GE 5KCP39KGL839S and is the direct drive to the fan in a pool heat exchanger. It has a solid housing (no vent holes), I’m guessing due to the outdoor application. How can I locate this particular variation of the 5KCP39? Thank you.

        1. Hey Paul, what is the model of pool heat exchanger?

          Thanks for the question, I’m sure others will also find it helpful if we can figure out which motor you need.

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